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Discover The Wonders Of The Moroccan Kasbah

Discover The Wonders Of The Moroccan Kasbah

Before you embark on the first visit to Morocco, it is advisable to prepare prudently. In the excitement prior to a huge trip, many accidentally forget to take into account the most basic packing and preparation tips. Preparation seems obvious, but, by smashing the process into its core components, the task turns into a bit more complicated. The key underlying each step will be the goal of becoming a "wise traveler."

If you're coming from Fes, it might take around four hours to achieve Chefchaouen Morocco and would cost you 70 dirhams no less than. From Casablanca, travelling time is six hours by bus. Only one bus, which travels each day, originates from Casablanca for this town. You will be coming to the CTM bus company station where you can also depart should you be leaving Chefchaouen with aspects of Morocco already. Aside from CTM, there's also other bus companies. Inquire well first around the times, costs, and frequency of their routes.

One of the major attractions of Morocco is its nice climate. Located towards the top West side of Africa, Morocco is really a safe place for travelers searching for a warm Mediterranean weather along with a mystical experience. The place can be famed due to the crafts and arts that the locals make. This would range from obscurely designed dishes to exquisite carpets which can be woven. Thus, these products function as wonderful souvenirs to remind you of your enjoyable vacation to Morocco.

Women would be wise to clothe themselves in a minimum of knee-length pants or skirts until evening. In the evening, the nightlife of morocco safest country may warrant a looser dress code, though this will depend on where you are going and how cosmopolitan a town is. Also, take care to leave local clothing to the locals. While some Moroccans wear djellabas or hip-length tunics, those who reside in the town often wear Western-style clothing.

This climate is found at or nearby the Mediterranean coast. This region has hot dry summers and cool wet winters. Tangier, a normal station in this field has a summer high of 86 F (30 C) along with a winter low of 48 F (9 C). The highest rainfall is situated November and December. The months of July and August are practically dry.

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